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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Recoil starter

In the course of a workshop clear out I came acreoss this stand alone recoil starter that last saw the light of day in the late 70s!

From memory it was bolted to the engine platform of a small cylinder mower, possiblly a Greens, next to a JAP 2-stroke. Regrettably the mower was scrapped.




hillsider Mon, 31/12/2012

That is an interesting find I have never seen anything like that before, it looks as though it may have been a bolt on accessory for mowers that used a starting handle.

It appears as though pushing the button on the front face would engage the dogs into the engine before pulling the recoil. 


wristpin Mon, 31/12/2012

Yes, push to engage! Also the "dog" on the other end is spring loaded. Fairly certain that I have the female dog that was fixed to the JAP flywheel. No id on it at all, not even any casting numbers. Quite possible that it was a "third party" accessory - remember seeing a kit to enable a verticle shaft mower engine to be cranked by an electric drill!