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Suffolk Model 6A Engine Type 75G14

Hello - new to all this and first post here. Can anyone tell me where I might source a set of contact breaker points and possibly a condenser.

What I've seen for sale on ebay allegedly for this model doesn't look the same as these.

I'm also new to engine repair and immersing myself in various books - what I don't understand with this engine is how you adjust the gap between the flywheel and the armature - if at all?

I understand how you'd do it if the armature was outside the flywheel - like my Briggs lawn mower engine.

Would be happy to be sign posted to any technical manuals pdfs for this particular engine.

Thanks all - and what a great discovery this site is. Hats off!  and festive greetings.




hillsider Wed, 28/12/2011

Hello and welcome to the Old Lawnmower Club,

The link above will take you to the section of the Club site where there is a store of operating manuals where you should find the settings that you are seeking. You will need to select from the operator manuals for the Suffolk/ Qualcast mowers. 

Re your particular engine it would be a good idea to clean and reset the points thoroughly before binning them as I have found on many occasions that unless the contacts are bright and shiny there will be little or no spark. Although it is possible to adjust the points with the flywheel in place I find that it is often easier to remove the flywheel for better access. 

If you do need to source replacement parts there are some suppliers listed in the help section of this site also. 

Good luck