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suffolk super punch

Hi all,

I was given a suffolk super punch today without a manual. Which manual should i look for? ie a 30/30s i dont know.

The info on the plate and engine say engine type-75g14. Model no 24a. engine no 512227.

Please could you tell me which manual covers this.

Thanks Paul


hillsider Sun, 23/06/2013

Hello, To find a manual that will help you with your mower go to the Technical help section of this site and open the operating manuals section of the menu. Here you wil find a selection of manuals covering Qualcast mowers situated on pages 2 & 3. I suspect that the manual closest to your needs will be the Qualcast Super Colt manual on page 3, this has the same engine as your mower and most if not all of the mechanical parts will be the same if my memory serves me correctly. The big difference between the earlier and the later mowers is the material used for the side frames of the mowers, earlier models were of cast iron construction with all of the drive chains located to the left side of the mower looking from the handle bars. Later machines used cast aluminium for the side frames and the rear roller drive belt is located on the right hand side of the machine.  Hope this helps  Ray.

wristpin Sun, 23/06/2013

Probably a mis-quote but so true! See lots of similar requests like this on the forum but it would make it so much easier for those giving their time and acumulated knowledge in answering them if some of the guessing is removed by the supply of an image. As Hillsider has pointed out there are possible variations both of chassis and engine.

Help us to help you - post an image!