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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk Super Punch 10T Sprocket

My 1965 17" Suffolk Super Punch Dual Drive doesn't get the attention it deserves as it normally just works and cuts the grass.  The other mowers in my collection are all rather more demanding of my time to get running let alone cut.  So imagine my dismay when the Suffolk made amazing noises and was unable to drive the cylinder. 

The 10T sprocket has lost all of its teeth and a few of the rollers have gone missing from the chain.  So I need a new sprocket and a new chain.

I have a spare sprocket on a shaft, but I just cant work out how to undo it.  It looks as if it might be braised on?

So please can you tell me how to get the old sprocket off the shaft?  Any recommended suppliers of chains and sprockets would be helpful too.










wristpin Sun, 11/08/2013

The sprocket is screwed to the shaft, the "brazing" that you can see is where the sprocket rim is fixed to the threaded boss.      

  In that application it is a conventional right hand thread so holding the shaft still (looks as though there have already been grips or stillsons on it!)  and turn the sprocket anticlockwise. As the original sprocket is already ruined grip it with stillsons.To undo your replacement sprocket you need  either a chain wrench or a purpose made peg wrench to avoid damaging it.. That said you can probably improvise a chain wrench with a bit of your existing chain, a bit of steel bar and some nuts and bolts or cut just enough chain to go round the sprocket and then use the stillsons - carefully..

As for where to get another sprocket , you have either to find a dealer with some old stock or a scrap machine with a good sprocket!  New chain from your local bearing/ power transmission component supplier.

arnk Sun, 11/08/2013

Thanks for the encouragement - I will try more brute force now that I know it should undo!


hillsider Mon, 12/08/2013

You may find that the sprocket will need a short sharp shock from a hammer to get it moving so be carefull of damaging the teeth of the good sprocket, you can practice on the worn one.

hortimech Mon, 12/08/2013

I would agree with what everybody else has posted, plus you may be able to get a new blank sprocket from your local bearing supplier, this would have to be bored to suit your threaded adapter and then brazed on instead of the old one.

Just one other thing, you do not have a 17" Suffolk super punch, you have a 17" Suffolk punch, the 17" Super punch was a very different machine and came out a good few years after the the Super colt & 14" punch were introduced.


arnk Sat, 17/08/2013

Well after a good breakfast I mamaged to undo the worn sprocket by using two sets of mole grips.  I then wrapped a bit of chain around the good one and, with the shaft held in a vice, that came off too.


In the enthusiasm I decided to get the cylinder and bottom bar off to see if i can get them reground, but I snapped off one of the long studs that is used for the blade adjustment (part 86 adjusting screw).  I hope to drill out and tap the soleplate tomorrow, but can I get new long studs anywhere please?


arnk Sat, 17/08/2013

Interesting, thanks for that.  The mower is dated 1965 and the grass box has Super Punch on it, but maybe that is not original.  This is what it looked like back in 2005, but I have changed the rollers since.


wristpin Sat, 17/08/2013

I have an identical machine to yours that I know to be entirely original and it has Super Punch on both the grass box, chain case and owners manual so I  believe that you are correct in your description..

arnk Sun, 03/11/2013

In reply to by arnk

Just an update as I have put her all back together and been able to cut the grass again.  I have a problem with a chipped camshaft tooth, which I have mentioned in another thread.

I had the cylinder sharpened by a local shop and got fleeced, but at least its now sharp.  I am missing one of the bottom blade to bedknife screws.  Where can I buy a set?

I used old chain from a scrapped mower and repacked the old bearings with greese.

I never found replacements for the studs used for the cylinder adjustment so I threaded some lengths of M6 threaded rod which is not ideal, but at least it works until I can find something better.  I don't have any suitable plain rod to thread.

I used spray paints from Halfords.  The colours I used were Ford Laurel Green (maybe a bit dark), Ford Carnival Red (perhaps a bit too bright) and Ford Dove Grey for the engine.  I got a transfer online from a friendly chap in Australia.

Is there a source of new govenor springs for these 75G14 engines?  Maybe there is an equivalent Briggs and Stratton spring that will do the job?

So still more to do, but the lawn has stripes again.






greensleaves Sat, 09/11/2013

In reply to by arnk

Hi There try ALDI SUPERMARKETS   boxed coil springs assorted will

do the job all for less than a fiver  then you will have plenty of spares varius 

uses  When in stock..IF you cannot get one get back in touch.rob

greensleaves Sun, 10/11/2013

In reply to by arnk

Hi  There  you have maid a good paint  job green looks a bit dark but hell

they used different batches back then plus there was a flat finish

to the product  engine cowling looks near on perfect  match. Looking 

back they made a 17 inch super punch with more blades to the cutting cylinder

As  a follow on from previous model.Which they  called it   professional model

As they never sold many of these this was an updated version . This all

sounds confusing but you must remember they used parts etc from old stock

plus i will stick my neck out and say this was an end of model production.

Please note this is my own thoughts and memory of fifty years ago.

P/S If you look for old 17inch suffolk  profesional  with many more cylinder blades,

you might gather where im coming from ..rob

arnk Thu, 15/05/2014

Hi There try ALDI SUPERMARKETS   boxed coil springs assorted will do the job all for less than a fiver  then you will have plenty of spares various uses  When in stock..IF you cannot get one get back in touch.rob

Thanks for the useful tip - their boxes of springs are back in stock at the moment.