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Suffolk Super Punch ignition

I have a 1962 vintage 17" Suffolk Super Punch which has been in my family since new.

Unfortunately it has lost its spark. I have checked the points gap and swapped the condensor but no success. I am beginning to suspect the coil.

Can anyone provide any other suggestions or direct me to where I might locate a replacement coil or get the existing item rewound ?

Jonathan Baggott

07740 740 109 

hillsider Wed, 30/06/2010

Hello,  re the loss of spark on your Suffolk Punch I have found that the contact points will not function correctly unless they are thoroughly cleaned with a contact file, a piece of fine emery cloth or wet and dry paper. Also ensure that there is not an excess of oil on the points when you reassemble them after cleaning or this can cause them to short out to earth. The points gap is best set accurately at 18 thousandths of an inch (as marked on flywheel) to ensure easy starting. Also make thorough check of the spark plug terminal, sometimes they break down and cease to work or the very end of the HT lead will need to be cut back a little to make a sound connection.

Good luck and hopefully you will not need a new coil.