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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Thanks for the information and greeting from the Netherlands

Recently My wife and i bought a 50's house which we renovated, and last week the front lawn was put into place. 

My brother is member of a hipster vintage moped club, so I tought it might be amusing if i got hands of a vintage lawnmover to have a laugh at their club.  After much searching i found a Suffolk Super Colt in great shape. Was in the family of the owner for at least 25 years. Runs like a train and is overall in a great condition.

I found this site and am delighted by all the technical and other information and after strolling through the types of mowers am looking at my lawnmower with different eyes. Now i am determined to get it to run for at least another 25 years or more.

Being located in the south of the netherlands unfortunately support is hard to find. The front rollers are replaced by cheap late-eighties plastic. Do anybody know about a webshop for decent looking rollers?