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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Toro "Fundamentals of Reel Mowers" pdf

I was doing some hunting for information on back lapping and setting up mowers and came across this little gem. It contains some interesting general information alongside the Toro specific stuff. If that's not all, there's a nice photo of an interesting looking tricycle overgreen type machine.

Happy reading,



hillsider Sat, 28/01/2012

That was a good find, the document explains things very well as far as I can see. I thought at first that it may have been prepared for use training service technicians but it does read as though it is aimed at operator training.

I can think of a couple of operators that could do with reading it!!!


brummy_joe Sat, 28/01/2012

Thanks for that, Ray. I certainly think think that I'll be able to apply some of the practical stuff in the workshop.There are 2 or 3 mowers in the collection that I now know I can get back into a serviceable, if not pristine, condition on the back of the information therein. What really grabbed me, though, was the thorough explanation on HOW a  reel mower actually works. It wasn't until I started collecting the things that I realised that they even had a bottom blade, let alone how significant it is to a mower's performance. Perhaps many more people would actually use the machines if they had a better understanding of how (simply) they work...



hillsider Sun, 29/01/2012


Yes, I have been around mowers for many years albeit not in the trade as such and there is information in there that I have not seen before. Just goes to prove that we are never too old to learn.