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Troy Brush cutters

Help !!!!

Has anyone out there ever herd or seen a Troy Brush cutter ,a unit made by  Troy agricultural utilities of London . I bought this unit at auction a few weeks ago but it has no handles can anyone come up with a pattern or photo. The brush cutter is driven by a Mk 12 Villiers engine and runs on steel wheels with a rotary 3 bladed disk.

wristpin Wed, 31/12/2014

You stand a much better chance of getting a meaningful response if you post an image.

In the absence of a visual clue I have visions of something like the lethal looking Bush Wackker  that had totally unguarded disc out front or the Loyd motor sickle that had mower blade sections on an unguarded disc.


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I've found a reference to a saw attachment for the Troy Rotary Sickle which, im guessing, is what you have, and also reference to the Troy Tractivator.. Both sold by Agricultural Utilities of Porchester Stret, London.

Unfortunately no images of either!

rescueman8502 Thu, 01/01/2015

Thanks for the info wrist pin, the main motive power unit & engine is the same as mine so now know it is a Troy tractivater unit that can have attachments front and rear and yes mine has the unguarded 3 bladed disk with side skids, but at least now I know what the handles look like , I will also post an image as soon as I know how. Thanks again.

rescueman8502 Fri, 02/01/2015

sorry to wristpin for getting the user name wrong,the info helped me a lot, also thanks gtc for the photos it's the larger of the two is the one I am more interested in as it is the unit I have, so if someone out there has one & could email me a photo to also length of handle & thickness of tube . Happy New Year to all members & a good rallying year.

rescueman8502 Sun, 08/02/2015

Hi all

I found out a little while ago that the unit is called a [ Troy Tractivator ] made by Troy Agricultural Utilities Ltd. Rochester Place, London. dose this help, sa soon as i can work out how to put an image on i will do so.

gtc Mon, 09/02/2015

soon as i can work out how to put an image on i will do so.

Rescueman: Refer to post #7 above for instructions on how to do that.