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villiers coil

Please could anyone offer me some advice.
I have a villiers 2 stroke which has a rotten coil and I require a new one.
The coil is 66mm long 38mm diameter with a 14mm diameter core. (2 1/2" X
1 1/2" X 9/16")
Coils that are 42 and 50mm long are £15 and £17 respectively on e**y.
The cheapest coil I can find in the size I require is £59!.
Does anyone know of anywhere cheaper than this? Or do I have to pay £42 for an extra 16mm! Embarrassed


Keith Wootton Fri, 30/07/2010

Sadly, size can be everything when comparing different Villiers coils. Some of the unusual sizes were in the less common engines which means they are going to be harder to find and therefore more expensive. From the dimensions you gave it could be that this one is from the 269cc Villiers which is rarer than the 99cc and 147cc engines with the smaller coils.  

Try where Jon Cruse (a club member) can often help.