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Villiers Midget no spark

I recently acquired a Qualcast Sixteen with a Villers Midget engine, got it home and its got no spark, ive checked the points gap (0.15 mm) and cleaned the gaps too with some sandpaper GT85 and a rag, Still no spark. What should I do now short of replacing anything?



Aled Thu, 02/08/2012

Normally the ignition coils tend to rot away in Villiers engine at that age, a website called can supply you with a replacement coil. I believe you can check the coils with a multimeter, but I'm not sure how.

redfernmowers Thu, 02/08/2012

another company to visit is meetens and I highly recommend them. speak to a chap called paul.

He's the main man for parts.

ordering from my experience with villiersparts can be tricky as he has no direct credit / debit card handling. you need to contact him by email and discuss things and it can take a time to do.


also: aled is right on the coils failure. these happen and it can be done fairly easily. testing with a multimeter is easily done, though I'm not the one to ask here. I test by resistance from my fingers. DON'T DO this please. I do this as a blind restorer, so it's my own experience here and I completely DISCOURAGE anyone without experience from doing this.


HenryB Thu, 02/08/2012

I've ordered a new coil from eBay and it should arrive early next week, I will replace it then and get back to you then.


HenryB Mon, 06/08/2012

The coil has been replaced and a general clean up has been performed and the engine now runs perfectly.

redfernmowers Mon, 06/08/2012

well done. proud of you. I had a feeling you'd do it.

keep up the good work.


wristpin Wed, 08/08/2012

Think that you will find that he now takes Paypal but he can be difficult to deal with!

Mind you, ever tried doing business with Chester Hudson?!

redfernmowers Wed, 08/08/2012

who is this chester hudson of which you speaketh? I am surely intrigued by such a person's existence. through in query, what doth this man doeth?


lol having a moment. it's the medicaton for my chest. lol