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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Webb Witch

I have just joined the Old LawnMower Club as I have a old Webb Witch?? hand push mower.

It has a 12inch cylinder with 6 cutters. The rear roller is smooth. The handles are straight.

I was given the machine around 1980 by a neighbour and have used it regularly ever since to cut a 25m2 lawn area.I replaced the rear roller rachet springs about 15 years ago after they broke (fatigue?) using an alarm clock spring.

The rear roller plain bearings are badly worn and need to be replaced.

The shaft appears to be 9/16in dia and there are flanged steel disks spot welded to the side frames 3/4in dia. Perhaps there were bronze bushes in there once upon a time. Anyway I have ordered a couple from SimplyBearings and will fit them.

I live in Perth Western Australia