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where is the funny video ?

Hi !

months ago I saw a great video with a man who was pulled by an Atco in all the garden (even with a subaquatic trip into the pond).

Can you please let me know where I can find it (if I remember well, it was published here).

I would be very pleased if I could learn more about the context of the video (British TV show, year, characters ...)

Thanks, regards,


hillsider Mon, 30/09/2013

I think the film you are thinking of was one of many films made starring the late Norman Wisdom.
According to Wikipedia the film you are seeking was made in 1965 and was titled 'The Early Bird', evidently it was the first of his films to be filmed in colour.
If you search the internet there is quite a lot of information relating to the great man and his films.
I believe also that you should be able to purchase a copy of the film via Amazon.
Good luck with your search,