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Wipac cj


Does anybody has an exploded vieuw of a Wipac CJ for my JAP engine ?





janbo Wed, 04/09/2013


Checked my Jap books, Jap quotes their engines fitted with Wico CJ936 magneto's . Another Jap reference book quotes for 4/2,4/3,5 and 6 all with Wico type A576BZ timing 20degr.BTDC.

Wipac magneto's were fitted on the Norton Villiers C45 engine and looked very similar. JAP has fitted Wipacs as well, but not in my books.  

The exploded vieuw is  from a C45 list of parts, part nrs. starting with S... are Wipac part nrs. as far as I now.



pipercub Sun, 15/09/2013

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Does anybody knows how to put item 57, the stop for the impulse mechanism.



DJD Thu, 14/01/2021

I have a Villiers C45 engine with a CJ type magneto, with meter on maximum X10,000 range, prods on low tension and high tension leads reads infinity, so looks like I need a new coil, any ideas of cost these days, not an arm and leg I hope.

Champion plug cap reads infinity too, but Ht lead is fine, reading no ohms at all.