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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Annual Rally Auction 2022: Provisional List

Preliminary list of items in Old Lawnmower Club Auction, 22 May 2022

Greens Silens Messor Junior, 12in
Ransomes Ajax Mk5
Ransomes De Luxe Centenary, 12in
JP Super, ex Hampshire cricketer
Ransomes Ajax Mk4
JP Super, 14in, very heavy
Ransomes Ripper for high grass, 14in
Ransomes Marquis
Ransomes Ajax Mk3
Drummond Willing Worker
Ransomes Chain Automaton, 10 in
Qualcast Panther
Webb Wasp
Qualcast Model E
Pennsylvania Trimmer, Lloyds of Letchworth (not USA)
Ransomes Lion 11in with name plate
Qualcast Super Panther, crossed handles
Ransomes Chain Automaton, 10in
Ransomes Ajax Mk4, crossed handles
Ransomes Ajax Mk3 straight handles
Atco Kick Start Mower, 14in, 1950s
Shanks New Britisher, 12in, 1930s, c/w box, blade sharpened
Qualcast Suffolk Punch 35DL, 14in, 1970s, blade sharpened
JP Maxees, 12in,  s/n 2DGL13, c/w box
JP Maxees Mk3, s/n 2N/CG269, c/w box
JP Maxees, 14in, s/n 20/DFG/29, c/w box
Ransomes Leo sidewheel, 12in, 1929/30
Cutter Cassette forr JP Maxees, 14in
Cutter Cassette forr JP Maxees, 14in (second)
British Sidewheel, 10in, 1930s, no handle
Shay Four-in-Hand, 14in, c/w box
Ransomes Marquis, 18in, c/w BSA engine and box
Webb Whippet, c/w box
Great states Sidewheel, 16in
Ransomes Atlas, 12in, c/w box
Greens Silens Messor, 14in, partially restored, c/w box
Ransomes Patent Chain Automaton, 16in, c/w box
Greens Silens Messor, 8in, s-handle model, c/w box
JP Motor Mower, 17in, sloper engine, c/w spare front rollers, box, handbook.
JP Super Mk 5 Mower, 15in, c/w Villiers engine, spare front rollers, box, handbook.
JP Super Mk 5 Mower, 15in, c/w Villiers engine, spare front rollers, box, handbook.
JAP Fuel Tank 4in diameter x 8in long
Seven bronze bushes for JP front roller
Replica Grassbox for JP Super Mk5, 17in
Replica Grassbox for JP Super Mk5, 15in
Presto Rollmo 5/15, 10in, no box
Webb Wasp, 12in, no box
Webb Witch, 12in, no box
Suffolk Reelmow Mk2, 19in, power sidewheel
Grass box for Webb Witch, 12in
Grass box for Atco 1264 hand mower, 12in
British Flexa, 14in, no box
Vivian Lloyd Autosickle
Qualcast B1, no box
Webb Miniature, c/w box
Suffolk Swift, 10in, c/w box
Ransomes Lion, roller assembly missing
Ransomes Mk5 Motor Mower, 16in, early 1930s
Ransomes Certes Mk8 Motor Mower, 16in
Presto Rollmo 5-15, 15in, c/w box
Suffolk Eden, 12in, 1939
Greens Zephyr, 14in, c1950
Greens Tutor, 12in, c1950, c/w box
Ransomes Anglia, 12in, 1932
Shanks Wren, 12in, 1940s, with nameplate
Eclipse Lawn Tennis Marker, c1900, missing wheel
Lawn tennis marker, unknown make, 1920s/30s
Atco Trailer Seat

Further entries will be added as they are received. Read here for notes about the auction.

Last Updated: 17 May 2022