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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


A Guildford company which started making mowers in 1921 after having made their name in the manufacturing of commercial vehicles. Their initial design based on aluminium castings was not a success but the company re-appeared in 1923 with a new design which formed the basis of their mowers until the 1960s. These heavy mowers were usually sold with 24 or 30 inch cutting widths, and were best used with a trailing seat. Their speciality was to produce machines for large flat surfaces such as cricket pitches. Early machines had rectangular fuel tanks but these were later replaced by cylindrical ones. In the post-1945 Z Type machines the single flywheel was replaced by twin flywheels but there is a marked similarity between this firm's pre-war designs and the later models which continued well into the 1960s. The company finally ceased production in 1970 but their machines continued to be made by the Dennis Godstone Engineering Co. until 1981.