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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


A product of Shanks c1920, the "Jehu" was a powered roller mower available in 20, 24,and 30 inch sizes. By 1927 the basic 20 inch cut machine was being offered at £60.0.0d, the 24 inch machine at £70.0.0d, and the 30 inch machine at £90.0.0d. Available with bucket-type grass box at standard price or patent delivery (side release) apparatus at £2-10-0 extra.The "Jehu" is distinguished from the smaller "Wizard" by its cylindrical in-line (rather than transverse) petrol tank. At the same time Shanks were offering a 4 hp 24 inch machine and a 10 hp. 36 inch machine but these were not described as "Jehu" mowers.