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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


In March 1915 W. E. Rendle was granted a patent (no. 10371), from an application which he had submitted in April 1914, for a portable petrol-driven mower pusher unit. This was further improved by a second patent granted in 1915 (no. 6284). There was also a US patent. By the early 1920s these units were in production and were awarded "Highly Recommended" in the May 1925 motor mower trials at Regents Park, London. Head Office was at 5, Victoria Street, London S.W.1. The unit sold for 44 guineas in 1925. With its 'A'-frame chassis it appears to be a somewhat sturdier (and by the same token heavier) machine than the M.P. The operator's seat was trailed and did not, as in the M.P., form an integral part of the unit itself. A fine example of the Rendle mower pusher is owned by a Club member.