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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


A product of Arundel, Coulthard & Co. introduced in the mid-1930s and remaining in production for some years, these were a range of roller mowers, both manual and powered. The powered version had a 98cc Villiers engine and sold for £17.10.0d in 1937, whilst the manual 12 inch "6-24" sold for 75/-d in the same year. By 1939 four manual mowers were on offer (the 5-15, 6-18, 6-24 and 8-32) in addition to the powered mower. In these manual machines, the first number indicated the number of blades on the cutting cylinder and the second the number of cutting cylinder revolutions per foot of travel. After the post-war take-over of the firm by Qualcast the "Rollmo" was advertised in catalogues such as Ross & Alexander under the "Panther" name.