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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


An Australian company making rotary mowers from 1953 onwards, the original Australian patent (8770/55) was filed by M.V. Richardson on 2 May 1955. In 1970 the company joined the Sunbeam Corporation and by the mid-1970s were producing heavy duty turf equipment as well as a variety of other products. In 1983 the company celebrated its first 30 years by making its 4 millionth mower. In 1987 the firm was acquired by the Reil Corporation, thus returning the company to Australian ownership. In 1988 Directors of the company effected the largest management buy-out in Australian history when they purchased Sunbeam-Victa. In 1991 E.P. Barrus were appointed as UK distributors. This firm exports widely and it is claimed to be (1996) the largest mower manufacturer in the world. By 1996 the UK importers were Victa (UK) of Watford. A toy rotary mower in a member's collection bears the name Victa Corvette - was this a product of this company?