Annual Rally Auction 2019

The auction is one of the most popular features of our Annual Rally at Milton Keynes Museum. It gives our members a chance to add to their collections without the hassle of going to junk sales or using online auction sites. On the other hand, it also gives our members a good way to pass on unwanted and duplicate mowers to other collectors and fellow enthusiasts.

We've been holding the auction for some years now and during that time we've seen hundreds of mowers and associated items bought and sold. The small commission we charge is donated the museum. You can see a list of the entries for this year's auction here (we'll be adding to the list in the run up to the event but we cannot accept late entries).

Countdown to 30th Annual Rally

Our Annual Rally takes place in just under two weeks at Milton Keynes Museum on 18/19 May. This will be our 30th Annual Rally since the very first event at the museum in 1990 which established the Club. To mark this landmark the theme this year will be "the first mower in my collection". We hope that our members will bring along the mower that got them started on the collection, preservation and display of old lawn mowers. That does not necessarily mean, of course, the oldest machine in their collection (although it may for some). Club Members can log onto the site to access more detailed information about the event in our special section.

The photo below is a montage of shots from our first club rally in 1990. Can you spot a few familar faces?

New Lawn Mower Book

Club member Clive Gravett has published a book about the history of the lawn mower and his own passion for collecting. Two Men Went to Mow  is the story of two men, born 157 years apart, both obsessed with the lawn mower: Edwin Beard Budding (1796-1846) its ingenious inventor, and Clive, whose own interest in the mower and its inventor has led to a museum and charity both dedicated to his hero, not to mention his vast collection of mowers spanning 150 years.

You can order copies of the book direct from Clive by clicking on this link. Buying direct in this way will ensure the maximum amount of support for Clive's Budding Foundation Charity.

Two Men Went to Mow is one of a small, but growing, number of books about mower history and collecting. We've recently revamped the list of these on our website. The page contains links to order the books.


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