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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Data Policy 2018

1) General Principles

  • The Old Lawnmower Club collects predetermined information from Members when they join so as to manage its membership and execute its aims and objectives. The Club also collects information from members and enthusiasts who register on its website.
  • Information is only used to manage membership and further the aims of the club.
  • Information is not shared with third parties such as other organisations or non-members unless Members have given their specific permission.
  • The Club will respond to queries from individuals about the information it holds about them and make any amendments requested.
  • Information is collected, stored and deleted in accordance with the principles of the GDPR 2018.
  • The Club will publish a copy of its Data Policy on its website and make copies available to its members.

2) Definitions Used in This Document

  • Club - The Old Lawnmower Club
  • Member – any person who is a full member of the Club as defined in its constitution
  • Enthusiast – a non-member of the Club who has registered to use the Club's website
  • Olcmember – a generic (ie non-specific) username and password that allows any Member to access certain restricted areas of the Club website
  • Visitor – any person who visits and uses the Club website without registration
  • Lapsed Member – former members who have not renewed their subscription
  • Registered Website User – a Member or Enthusiast who has their own username and password to access the website
  • Data Processor – officer of the club with access to the membership information database
  • Data Controller – officer of the club with responsibility for setting policies and managing data

3) Mechanisms for Storing Information

The Club utilises the following to store and process information:

  • Main Website - hosted on servers operated by Ionos (formerly 1and1). 
  • Membership Database Website - hosted by Ionos on a website running separately from the Club's main website. Access is restricted to designated officers of the Club (see Section 4)
  • MailChimp – used to send a quarterly email newsletter to all Members with an email address
  • Correspondence – emails and letters sent to Members and others by officers of the Club in their official capacity are retained on their own PCs or paper filing systems and are not accessible by other people
  • The Club retains a basic register of members and former members - which is not accessible online - for the purposes of verifying any future queries

4) Data Processors & Controllers

Membership information stored on a secure website, separate to the Club's main site, and is only accessible by the Club's designated Data Processors:

  • The President (also Data Controller)
  • The Chairman
  • The Treasurer (also Data Controller)
  • The Membership Secretary
  • The Shop Manager 

5) Data Requests

Members can ask for copies of the information about them held by the club at any time by writing (letter or email) to a designated Data Controller (see Section 4). Contact details are provided on the Club's website and in the Grassbox newsletter.

The Club will respond to any requests from Members within 28 days.

Members can ask for any incorrect information to be revised or deleted at any time by requesting to the designated data controller.

The Club will make any corrections or amendments as requested by Members within 28 days.

If a member requests deletion of data that the Club needs to operate, including to communicate with that member, it will be done - and that person will no longer be considered a member.

6) Membership Registration

When Members apply to join the Club they are asked to supply the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Age
  • Details about lawn-mower related interests and expertise

We add additional information about members to our database:

  • To Date: the year the Member joined the club
  • Until Date: the year when membership should be renewed (usually the year after joining)
  • Nearest Town: used by data processors to identify members in particular area and when compiling certain publications

This information is used for the following purposes:

  • To maintain a register of current, qualified members (as defined by the Club’s constitution)
  • To verify whether the applicant qualifies for junior membership (age data is deleted)
  • To contact members with news about the club and its activities
  • To distribute copies of the Club's publications (printed and email)

Members can also opt-in to certain publications and services provided by the Club as outlined in Section 7 and Section 8 below.

7) Directory of Members

Members can opt-in to a Directory of Members that is produced from time to time. This is designed to allow Members to contact each other for the furtherance of the aims of the Club:

  • Members are only included if they give express permission
  • Members who do not express a preference are assumed to have not given permission

The Directory includes:

  • Member's name
  • Member's telephone and/or email address
  • Member's nearest large town (country and/or state for overseas members)
  • Codes to designate Member's interests (optional)

This information is collected when a Member joins the Club. Members who do not provide either a telephone number or email address are not included.

Copies of the Directory are contained within the Members Only section of the Club's website. Access to this is therefore restricted to other Members.

Previous copies of the Directory are removed and are no longer accessible when the latest version is published.

8) Annual Third-Party Public Liability Insurance

Members can opt-in to enrol for the Third Party Public Liability Insurance organised by the Club. This insurance is arranged through the BAVCC of which the Club is an affiliate member.

The name, address and membership number of participating members is passed to the BAVCC for the purposes of inclusion in the insurance scheme.

9) Information from Existing Members When Renewing Subscriptions

Existing members are asked to check and confirm information held by the Club annually at the time of their subscription renewal.

10) Lapsed Members

Membership of the Club is deemed to have ceased if the Member does not pay their subscription by 31 December of the year in which it is requested. 

Information about members who do not pay their subscription at the appointed time is retained until 1 August of the following year to facilitate reminders and the management of late payments.

Details of members who do not renew within this period are deleted from the electronic database. However, the Club retains a list of all current and former members so that it can deal with subsequent enquiries from them.

11) Website Participants

Casual Visitors: any visitor can view the non-restricted sections of the website and does not need to provide any information.

Club Members: Any Member can access restricted areas of the Club Website using a generic (ie non-specific) username and password. This password is changed annually so that lapsed members no longer have access. No personal information is required for this process. Non-Members and Enthusiasts do not have access to this section of the website.

Members and Enthusiasts: anyone who wishes to contribute content to the website must register with their own unique details:

  • Real Name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address
  • Nearest Major Town (optional)
  • An image (optional)

This information is used to manage access to the website and to enable registered users to contribute their own content on specific sections of the site, including the forum.

The information is also used to prepare a profile of the Member or Enthusiast which is presented alongside any content they contribute.

Any registered website user can view these details and contact other users via the website. This information cannot be viewed by casual website visitors or anyone else who is not logged on.

Accounts are deleted after a fixed period (specified on the website) following the initial registration if the user has not subsequently logged on or posted any new content.

User accounts for any Member or Enthusiast who has posted content will be retained unless the user requests that their account is deleted. In such cases, the content will be converted so that the original poster's details become anonymous.

Members and Enthusiasts can also choose to receive emails generated automatically by the website when other users create new posts or comments. Users can turn this function on or off at any time.

12) Website Cookies

The Club website utilises cookies
Cookies are managed in line with the prevailing EU regulation

13) Website

Members and Enthusiasts with their own, unique access to the Club website can contribute to the website in a variety of ways:

  • Forum Postings – including original posts, replies and comments
  • Website Comments - comments are allowed to certain types of website content.
  • Classified Adverts – For Sale and Wanted ads with images

These posts can be seen by anyone who visits the website, unless they are contained in areas restricted to access by Members.

Members and Enthusiasts who are logged on to the site can access other participants' profiles, which includes their Username, Real Name and Membership Number.

Members and Enthusiasts who registered on the site are deemed to have given permission for their profile to be viewable by other registered website users and for the content they contribute to be viewed by any website visitor with the relevant access rights.

14) Adverts For Inclusion in Club's Grassbox Newsletter

Any website visitor can – free of charge and without registration on the site – submit information about mowers they wish to sell or give away to club members. This information is used to compile a classified advert section in the club's quarterly printed Grassbox newsletter. The following information is collected on an electronic form and is included in the advert:

  • Advertiser's Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Nearest Large Town
  • Details about the mowers on offer

This information is stored in a secure and restricted area of the club's website (only accessible by the club's designated data processors) until the newsletter is prepared. It is then deleted from the website.

Adverts are only included in one edition of the newsletter unless a repeat is requested by the advertiser.

The newsletter is sent to members of the club in printed form and is also available as an electronic version which is stored on an area of the club's website which is restricted to members.

Adverts submitted for inclusion in the Grassbox newsletter are not included in the Classified Advert section of the website.

15) Classified Adverts Placed On Behalf Of Others

At their discretion, a principal officer of the Club will enter information on a seller or buyer’s behalf for the purposes of creating a classified advert on the website. This information is limited to the following:

  • Name
  • Nearest Major Town
  • Contact Telephone and/or Email
  • Description of the item offered sale or wanted
  • Photographs

This information is posted on the website for a fixed duration. It is removed once the classified advert expires and is not retained in any form by the Club.

16) Club Shop

The club retains basic information about purchases made from its shop.

  • Name
  • Items purchased
  • Date of purchase

The Manager of the Club Shop has access to the membership database to verify that a person is a member of the club but is not able to amend records. 

17) Mailchimp

The Club sends a quarterly email newsletter to all current members for whom it holds an email address.

Members' names, email address, membership number and scheduled renewal date are uploaded to Mailchimp from the membership database for the purposes of sending this newsletter. Recipients only see information about themselves in the emails they receive.

18) Data Retention and Deletion

The Club will retain data about a Member for the duration of their membership so as to manage the running of the club.

Information about members who do not pay their subscription at the appointed time is retained until 1 August of the following year to facilitate reminders and late payments. 

About This Document

This Data Policy was prepared by members of the Old Lawnmower Club and agreed by its Committee. Copies are available on the club website and in paper format on request from any of the Club's Principal Officers. Contact details for these are provided in the club's Grassbox newsletter.

Version:     GDPR 01.1
Date:         12 February 2020