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Atco D7

Hi would anybody have a cluch for a atco D7 . 1960 17inch  kick start . mk7 villiers engine.

I am also looking for the wing nuts for the height adjusters.


Many thanks in advance.


HenryB Sun, 11/11/2012

Is that the standard Atco clutch?  I might have some wingnuts as I have the frame of the later Atco with the Suffolk engine, I will have a look.

Motivator Sun, 25/11/2012

That would be helpfull fella. It is the rubber doughnut in the shaft that seems to be the problem.

Motivator Sat, 11/05/2013

Hi all i have got hold of my clutch rubber doughnut . For the Atco D7  . Is there a easy why to get it

Off or will it have to be presed off. Also i do not want to disturb the chain set up to much ,

All advice welcome.