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Villiers my 6 rebuild


i know I’m lazzy and should search the site or research it but it’s such a quick question and probably an even quicker answer. I’m rebuilding the engine and the two half’s of the crankcase have left and right stamped on them. As far as I can see they’re identical but there must be a difference otherwise why mark them. So is there a difference and if so how do I determine which side of the engine To face to know it’s left or right position. Thanks 


wristpin Thu, 21/01/2021

My 6 - presumably a typo for Mk6 but can’t find any reference, but with the reference to the split crank case , could it be a Mk 26 two- stroke?

Adrian Thu, 21/01/2021

Curiouser and curiouser! I see a Senspray too...

A swift Gurgle turns up a parts book - it shows the VI-A as having a different exhaust port to the VI-C and more complex bottom end castings, but it doesn't explain why the difference that I can see (admittedly at a glance).…

but the second page of this one states that A, B & C covered different capacities.…

So what's the difference? I think it's to do with the gasket in the bottom end - if you look at the parts diagram, it's  got an extra hole in one side, so the two halves must be handed.

olcadmin Thu, 21/01/2021

If I remember correctly there is a drain plug on one side. Of course that doesn't answer the original question as to which is left or right.

The answer may be contained in either of the handy books, "The Book of the Villiers Engine" (Grange) or "The Villiers Engine" (Browning) both of which contain much useful information - copies can be found on the usual auctions sites. My copies are elsewhere otherwise I would have a look. I'd recommend them to anyone who is tinkering with older engines.

Adrian Thu, 21/01/2021

I'm fairly sure (ie I can't be bothered to go find it) the Browning book only mentions the VI-C but, looking at the parts list above the crankcase halves on the VI-A are mirror images, and one side has a drain plug - it's harder to see than in the simple casting of the VI-C but if you look just above the bottommost bolt hole you'll see it.


As for which way they face, there should be a cutout that matches the one for the transfer port in the barrel - line that up and you're away.

wristpin Thu, 21/01/2021

Strange as it may seem but my copy of BE Browning’s “ The Villiers Engine for Industrial, Agricultural and Horticultural Use” , does not appear to mention a Mk6 / Mark V1. In fact it doesn’t use Roman numerals anywhere. Interestingly it doesn’t mention the Mk7 four- stroke either - starts at the Mk10.

Perhaps it’s not the Villiers bible that it’s often purported to be ?

Adrian Fri, 22/01/2021

That is interesting, Angus - I have the one without the bit about agricultural etc in the title, and that does cover the VI-C (and only the C, I think) - obviously two different works. It's not as though the VI-C wasn't used in anything other than Atcos either - I've never seen a motorbike with one, but I've seen at least one cultivator with one.

mikehpw1 Fri, 22/01/2021

Hi All

I took another look today and yes the drain plug is the only visible difference. The right and left issue won't be a problem with the pics I took before and during disassembly I'll get it back together as original, assuming original was correct!!!  I'll post again later, busy with first coat of primer today, god there's a lot bits to a Standard!! 

Adrian Fri, 22/01/2021

...and, worryingly, after 26 years I recognise most of them! Mine kept me sane (?) during a grim year mostly spent job hunting - then never got quite finished as it took until 2015 to have somewhere of my own to keep it.

mikehpw1 Sat, 23/01/2021

Yes, space a rare commodity. I've now completed seven full nut and bolt restorations since June this year and like you now struggling for space, not an issue when they were piled up on top of each other.  The standard will have to be my last until I build some sort of 'house' for them or move some on as I've several purchases dotted around the country as yet unable to collect. 

Adrian Sun, 24/01/2021

I recognise that... I have an Allen Scythe at my mum's in Essex still - don't even know whether it will fit in the Dreadnought, I have a nasty feeling I will be working out how to take the handles off on the fly!

mikehpw1 Mon, 15/02/2021

Hi Again 

well, Standard has come to holt, I broke a piston ring, very clumsy, so trying to track down a new set. Now I've found the crank is bent !! So on the hunt for one of those too. I looked in the manual I downloaded fro here for a part no for the crank, it doesn't list a crank at all let alone a number??? Does anybody have one please thanks 

mikehpw1 Tue, 16/02/2021

My knowing won't change anything but I'm curious! 
Rebuilding the MK 6 the crankcase bolt holes won't line up and turning the crank moved the two case half's in different directions! I put the crank between centres and yes, it's bent. The top end wasn't seized and I don't remember a struggle to part the crankcase, the holes are so far out of line it surely would have been. So what's happened?

olcadmin Tue, 16/02/2021

Here are a couple of pages from the MkVI parts list booklet (this is on my list of booklets to add to the site in due course).