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Best make/model for an entry level enthusiast

Hello All,

I have recently joined as a member and am a lawn enthusiast. It's been a passion for the last few years, however in order to get my lawn to perfection I want to start using a manual push mower (my lawn is small only 50 sqm) 

I guess all of you were like me once, wondering where to start so I'd really appreciate being pointed in the direction of a great little manual model to start with. I am looking at Ransoames Ajax MK5 but yet to have any joy on eBay. I want to use it as my mower for the season, but am happy to tinker with it and restore. I can see there are some wonderful restoration examples and am in awe of some of the examples - can't wait to join you

Any advice welcome! 


Clive1997 Sun, 07/03/2021

Welcome to the forum, if you want to keep cost down an Ajax ideal, many around. Also the Webb Witch, I know several people who maintain excellent small lawns with them. 

Shame as recently scrapped several Ajax's & a Witch due to no one being interested, I usually have a few of this type of mower available, but looks like you are couple of hours away so probably not viable. Keep looking & I'm sure some will turn up. 


Will Mon, 08/03/2021

Ransomes Ajax is a good place to start, also Webb is a nice machine, Greens Monitor is my choice for a small lawn and I'll  be using mine 4 or 5 times a week in the upcoming season.

But also Qualcast Panther, and Suffolk made a push mower that I can't recall the name of.

All in all you can't go too far wrong with any of the above so long as the cylinder is sharp and bottom blade ground.

Good luck

RansomesRob Mon, 08/03/2021

Hi. I only have 2 small areas of lawn and have had what I consider to be good results from using a 12" JP Maxees 3 (Photo with mower) and a 12" ATCO 1264 (photo with car). I also have a 12", 8 blade Webb Witch and a 10" JP Mini Mower which in my opinion also give good results. A 12", 8 bladed Greens Zephyr I once had also gave a good cut. I did at one time have a Ransomes Ajax 5 (see photo) which again gave good results but I parted with it some time ago. Good luck finding your mower. Regards. Rob  


RansomesRob Mon, 08/03/2021

Hi Will. Sold it in the auction at the OLMC meeting in 2019. Cheers. Rob

RB86 Tue, 09/03/2021

Thank you for the warm welcome and very much appreciate being pointed in the right direction! I have pulled the trigger and buying an Ajax MK5 via eBay. I have included some pictures below from the seller, can't wait for it to arrive! Appreciate everyone's advice, looking forward to contributing in future - thank you!

RB86 Tue, 09/03/2021

Ajax MK5

RB86 Tue, 09/03/2021


Will Tue, 09/03/2021

Looks like a nice purchase! You'll need to get the cylinder and bb ground so the machine can give its best performance


RB86 Thu, 11/03/2021

Cheers Will! Any recommendations on the best places to speak to? 

Will Thu, 11/03/2021

In your area no, sorry. I'd do it if you were nearer me!

Any lawn machinery repair business worth their salt should be able to do it for you but you're likely to pay about £40 ish for getting it done 


RansomesRob Thu, 11/03/2021

Hi Richard. I have had numerous push mowers serviced/sharpened etc at 'The Old Lawnmower Company' who are based at Astrope nr Tring HP23 4PN. I have always been more than pleased with the work done. They do have a website describing what services they offer and they also advertise in the Old Lawnmower Club quarterly magazine 'Grassbox'. Hope this might help you. Cheers. Rob