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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Eden lawnmower

Could  anyone help me with any information on this lawnmower. I bought it a few years ago at a junkyard. Any idea of age would be useful and any knowledge of the Eden brand, on the wheels are the words "EDEN BRITISH MADE "





Clive1997 Tue, 29/05/2018

Hello Angela

Interesting little mower, it was probably made by one of the large manufacturers & badged with the name 'Eden' we have come across a similar one with 'Eden' although 'Foreign Made' rather than yours which states British Made. A German manufacturer named Brill made many 'badged'  mowers with the top clasp on the wooden handle being similar to yours I think. This type of branding is often referred to as being 'Catalogue Mowers' popular ones being, Gamages, Selfridges, Timothy Whites, Army & Navy etc. Certainly after the wars German companies didn't like to put 'Made in Germany' on items they manufactured for sale in this country!

The actual manufacture may be revealed by any part numbers or patent numbers on the castings, sometimes on the inner wheel casing. Also there may be the remnants of stenciling on the wooden shaft?

If you are using the mower on the grass shown its doing a decent job.

Hope that helps.



Angela Price Wed, 30/05/2018


Thanks for the information. The only numbers I can see are on the lower blade which are 10", obviously the size and C22.

It's a great mower and I use it in tandem with an old Qualcast 30s hand push roller one.

Thanks very much, I will research a bit further.




Seb Wed, 30/05/2018

certainly looks like brill, I have pictures of 2 others very similar marked "foreign, EDEN"

Clive1997 Thu, 31/05/2018

Excellent, I have done the same with 2 other German companies with mixed results, although they did send some information.

I will be interested to hear what they say.


Angela Price Tue, 05/06/2018



Unfortunately Brill have replied that it is not one of theirs. Will keep trying to find out more.

Thanks  for the interest 



hagar1000 Wed, 10/03/2021

I  was reading this information I have just got a mower exactly the same as the one in the picture except it has Foreign on one wheek ans Foreign Perfection on the other. I will add some photographs 

Clive1997 Wed, 10/03/2021


Yes interesting, there were many manufacturers who sold simply 'Named' mowers, without any reference to the manufacturer, it appears a German Company Abner were producing side-wheel mowers from the early 1900's, still in the mower business well into the 1960's & possibly later.

They did name a model 'Perfektion' & sold in the UK as the 'Perfection'. Abner were also well known for their lawn sprinklers.

Often with these mowers a way of linking them to the manufacturer is by comparing part numbers on a badged model with another that carries the manufacturers name.

The image & advertisement below are I assume quite early & your model may well be a different design.