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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

JP Super - calling Tony/Henry

Just wondering if Tony or Henry (or anyone else knowledgeable) could help please.

I've a few of these mowers now, the 1952 one that I use on a daily, or every two days, basis I've decided needs a bit of love.

I've ground the cylinder successfully (had a huge taper, probably not done for decades), I am wondering what the best way to tackle the bottom blade is. The bb screws will likely need serious heat to shift and I'd prefer not to have to dig the welder out if not absolutely necessary.

So I'd like to get the bb and throw plate or bb shoe or whatever it's called out in one lump. To do this I presumably have to remove the two connecting rods from the alloy side casings. Is this correct / the best / only way? Any advice gratefully received on this one.

Thank you,


Will Tue, 22/06/2021

Well I took the safer route in the end, by removing the shear blade from the blade carrier.

All back together and ok.

I could just do with knowing what the trick is to replace the front rollers..? The ends would seem to be held by a cotter pin, but shift it I cannot



Antbr123 Wed, 23/06/2021

Hi Will,

From memory - its been about a year since I did a Super - what you call cotter pins are in fact imperial taper pins - ie one end is marginally wider than the other.  You can still buy replacements, just make sure they are imperial size.  I would suggest heat with a blow torch and drive out using a punch from the narrowest end of the taper pin. They can be a bit awkward.  I will mention your query to Henry to see if he has other tips.



Henry Ellis Wed, 23/06/2021

Hi Will, Tony is quite right - imperial taper pins and they are put in from the top, so knock out from below (on the smaller diam) and use some heat too. Have you told me the serial number of your Super yet ? 

Will Mon, 28/06/2021

Thanks so much for your help Tony and Henry, much appreciated as always !

Noted re the imperial pin, thank you.

Henry I've a few of these mowers including some early ones, I will provide you with a list of serial numbers in the next week or two, the mower in question here is one that we have discussed previously (I think?) - ZC 17

Thanks again!


Henry Ellis Wed, 30/06/2021



Thanks in advance for list of serial numbers, and you are right - I have noted ZC 17 already.