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Atco mini gang mowers

I have recently obtained a set of Atco 20" Mini Gangmowers which I am currently restoring the leading gang mower has a label with the following  details & serial number 

Made by Atco

Stowmarket England

M/ GANG Lead  L80014

No 006601/P

I am looking for a manual for this model or any information as to which model of powered mower these were based on so a manual for that model would suffice if the gang mower manual was not attainable . Hi 


wristpin Sat, 03/07/2021

Your gangs had a lot in common with the Atco Toughcut. Parts books are common but I don’t think there was ever a specific workshop manual , but they are fairly straight forward.

The weak area was chassis flexing resulting in misalignment between the cylinder drive pinions and the internal ring gears within the wheels, resulting in worn and broken wheel ring gear teeth. Replacement wheels were horrifically expensive and undamaged ones are probably rarer than hen’s teeth.

Atco fixed the issue by adding braces  between the chassis and the wheel back plates . A cheap fix to cure an expensive failure. If your set was not built with, or has not had that mod, get it done before you use them.…


Mike Yates Sun, 04/07/2021

Thank you very much for your help and copy of the parts list I will check to see if the modification has been made and if not take your advice and get it attached , the gangs are currently being shot blasted ready for re painting  so once I get the parts back I can see if the modification has been made , thank you again for your help it's very much appreciated, best wishes


Mike Yates Mon, 05/07/2021

Thanks Angus for the updated parts PDF for the mini gang mowers showing the additional axle bracing bracket I'm going to see if I can get some fabricated , your assistance in helping me with my restoration project is very much appreciated 

Mike Yates Sat, 10/07/2021

I am after a part for my Atco Mini 20"  Gang Mowers Model SF 34 & SF 35 , unfortunately the right hand Driving Dog needs replacing Part number A890, I appreciate that I'm unlikely to find this part as this model has been out of production for 40 years but I'm hoping that this particular component was used on other Atco mowers and as such might still be available any advice or assistance would be great fully received