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Need Information on RSJ Engine

Hi, I have a 1933 RSJ 248cc single cylinder engine that I want to refurbish. I live in Birmingham Alabama, USA and I can't find any information about it here in the States. I'm looking for any manuals or literature with specs and tune up info. Does anyone in the UK still sale parts? It came out of a Ransomes mower but I don't know what models offered this engine? I believe it is a Sturmey Archer design made by Ransomes Sims & Jefferies, and I also would like to find the AS style timing cover for it. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


villiers98 Sat, 21/08/2021

Hello.  I'd guess this is quite a rare engine. Not sure what machines it was used on but as a heavyweight quality engine probably only expensive ones sold in small numbers.   Some years ago I had a Ransomes Mk8a which had 350 cc SA engine and could find no info apart from a parts list, and that was 20 years newer.

From memory I checked the valve clearance to be about 8 thou and didn't disturb the timing. Looks like yours has a normal magneto- any makers name? Some of these were total loss lubrication rather than dry sumped - do you have the oil tank for it ? Reckon there will be few parts around for this size - the larger one ( 600cc?) was fitted to the Ransomes MG 5 Crawler and these were made into the 60s so more parts and  info survive.


DeweySA Sun, 22/08/2021

Thanks Villiers for the reply. Yes, I'm finding it very rare here in the USA and also difficult to find any info on it in the UK. It has a Bosch mag, but its not original as it does,nt fit on the mount quite right. I think it had a Lucas originally. It does have ports for oil lines to go to a tank. I was hoping to find someone in the UK who repairs and restores vintage mower engines who might have the mag chain cover and the drive chain sprocket to fit the crank shaft? Thanks again for your help!