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JP Super roller dimensions

First time post here, I did look to try and locate similar topics but couldn't locate exactly what I was looking for.

I have recently purchased a 12' JP super the front rollers are pretty much none existent, does anyone have the dimensions, I have read some suggestions on using rolling pins as the source of wood which could be a pretty cost effective way of doing it but the largest available to me I can Locate is 5cm which I am unsure if is enough.


Antbr123 Tue, 28/09/2021

Hi and thank you for your post.

I have 2 (or maybe 3) JP Supers and have just measured the original rollers on one of mine in the garage.  Using modern currency, dimensions are:-

62mm diam x 100mm long (probably old 4") with bore sufficient to take front axle shaft of 15.86mm (probably 5/8")

My local turner struggled to find an imperial forstner bit to drill the bore of the the wooden rollers.  Using a 16mm bit may be a little tight, but no harm will be incurred if 18mm is used. The axle should be kept lightly oiled.

Original rollers were manufactured using Lignum Vitae - a very hard wood and almost impossible to purchase.  However, JP also specified beech on their Maxees wooden rollers and oak is an equally good substitute.  Pine should be avoided - it is too soft but more than adequate for pastry!


PS - there should be 3 rollers.  Picture attached of a 1947 example

RansomesRob Wed, 29/09/2021

Hi Jimbo

I have had several sets of new wooden rollers made by fellow OLMC member Mike Floody and have attached the link as below to his E Bay page.

Mike has made me new rollers for 3 JP model mowers that I have, a Mini Mower,a couple of Maxees and a Matchless along with a single piece roller for a Ransomes 'The Leo'.

I have always been more than pleased with the rollers Mike has provided so perhaps he might be able to help if you are interested?…




Jimbo1987 Wed, 29/09/2021

Thanks for the response Tony, I can't actually find anything around 63mm to use so will probably end up getting them custom made from one of the parts suppliers listed here, doesn't look like there would be too much of a saving by the time you pay for the blank and vanish/stain as I don't have either but potentially know someone who could do the turning for me.

I will also see if there is enough meat left of the cylinder and bed knife to get a grinding and then back lap going forward all of which is going to cost a little more than I had originally intended but I do plan on this being my main mower and benching the modern Webb I have been using, I have attached an image, I am hoping I can degrease it etc and then apply some roast treatment (open to any recommendations you may have), I haven't seen it in the flesh yet as my brother picked it up for me last week should get it this weekend, are you able to assist with identifying it's age once I have serial.


Jimbo1987 Wed, 29/09/2021

Thanks Tony and Rob for the replies it does seem using a fellow member is the way to go, can't find anything anywhere meaty enough.

I am probably going to get the bed knife and cylinder ground if there is enough meat on them, more money than I originally intended but as it will replace my Webb modern cylinder it's not to bad, if I can I intend on sealing the rush after a clean any product recommendations?

i am yet to see it in the flesh as my bro picked it up for me last week should get my hands on it at the weekend, is it just the serial require for identification?


Antbr123 Thu, 30/09/2021

The serial number can usually be found stamped into the top of the left hand side frame near the front (when standing in the operating position). From that we can date the machine.

I usually just apply linseed oil to the rollers.


Adrian Thu, 30/09/2021

Did you buy that off a chap living behind Starbucks onn the A34 near Oxford? If so, I sold it to him!