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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Hello from Nottingham

Hi Everyone,

just wanted to say a quick hello.

I've been a browser for years of the forum, but never signed up.

just made another post on the ID of a Cylinder mower.

Im a lover of everything that runs on fuel in general, cars, trains, tractors, mower etc...

I've got a small collection of Atco machine, a Royle B24 and a Lawn Tractor 11/36.

I've also got a Fordson Major E1a, which I'm very proud of. Will post some pics soon.

DJD Sun, 09/01/2022

Hello and welcome, I looked after an Atco rider mower like that for a local couple who split up and sold it to their vicar whom I then serviced it for too, for another long time, it was eventually left outside and deck rotted away, last time I saw it, it was being used to tow a small garden trailer, the engine was very good though. It must be 30 years and more old now, if still in one piece.

wristpin Sun, 09/01/2022

Great to see the Major in such apparent original condition and capable of doing a day’s work . I remember when that model was introduced in 1951, replacing the E27.

Adrian Mon, 10/01/2022

*cough* E27N *cough* (can't believe I've corrected Wristpin - wow, am expecting to be hit by lighting any second!) - Mum had her father's 1949 Land Utility model.

That's a lovely E1A - first thing I ever drove, and lovely clattery engine note on tickover, can pick it out almost as well as a Field Marshall. Looks as though it gets well worked, too. Learnt a lot of important lessons from working on the school Young Farmers one... including a few Elf 'n' Safety ones.

Fordson_Atco Tue, 11/01/2022

Rotting decks seems a very common issue. It's the one thing missing from mine that I've been searching high and low for. It should have a 36" deck. There's one in Ireland but that's a little far.

hole fully something will pop up.

it's taken me 5-7 years to get an original engine for the B24. Just a waiting game. 

Fordson_Atco Tue, 11/01/2022

Thanks wristpin,

Was a boyhood dream to own a tractor, being a Ford man the Major was the obvious choose, but it goes a lot deeper, I spent many a happy hour sat on them in local parks and on the North Norfolk coastline when I was younger. The "look" and that smell is just unforgettable.

My E1a came from a local village and was owned by a friends father, it ended up in a hedgerow after an engine seize. I've been through the tractor completely, had it broken into three all new seals and anything it needed and a recent engine rebuild last year that took me some months. Worth the effort, I've had some amazing compliments on how well she sounds now.

My E1a has some elements of the early 1952 models, but a later 57 engine, we think it may of had an issue early in its life and had the engine swapped by the dealer. But it's been done to a nice standard with all matching serial numbers.

if you've got a few hours here's all the photos from my mechanical resto.


Fordson_Atco Tue, 11/01/2022

It's amazing when you show it to folk how nostalgic the Major is, it brings back a lot of great memories for many folk.

Now you're talking, I would love to own a Series 2 Field Marshall, I was lucky to drive three in 2020 completing a massive dream for me. They really do pull a plough very well indeed. The Marshall is another tractor with fond memories from my kid hood.

I do road run the tractor but as I've just rebuild the engine I like to push it hard too and keep her breathing heavy. It's the best thing for them hard work, I bought a 3 furrow plough for it which at times has proved a little too much for its traction, I've just added the rear wheel weights so hoping that will improve things on the next outing.