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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Aged fleet up and running for 2022 season!

Hi all

Got my working fleet all started and ready for the cutting season after winter hibernation. Some temperament but nothing too taxing.

While not old by many of your standards, I enjoy putting these machines to weekly use. Always have a few sets of points and carb diaphragms to hand! 
The Flymo with the Kawasaki KT12 2 stroke had a coil fail last year, amazingly imported one from Thailand that also does away with points and condenser. 

I also have 2 other Hayterette machines under repair, one with an old Aspera engine, another Harrier 2 (with a 3.5hp Briggs but no output shaft drive), several more modern Hayters that my son is repairing for a bit of pocket money. All that plus a shed full of old Aspera, Tecumseh and Briggs engines along with an old Suffolk Colt. 
Happy mowing season!


John.Sutherland Wed, 06/04/2022

I am so use to seeing much older lawnmowers, I am pleasantly surprised to see a different line of classics and straight away it made me think of my uncle who was forever getting his hands dirty on anything mechanical give or take a lawnmower or two.

I much prefer a good sidewheel mower, I am not much of a petrol head although I have worked on a couple of Suffolk Colts in the last year or so, accompanied by great advice and pointers from experienced members in the club which has in turn increased my knowledge on that particular model but I am by no means an expert, its just good to know what your doing instead of bumbling in the dark so to speak.

You have a nice selection mowers there, thanks for sharing.