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Ajax Mk5 trouble

Hello all.

Picked up off someone’s drive, a free Mk5 mower.

so stripping it to restore it etc.

I’m having trouble getting the small cog out of the case.

is there a special way of doing this please?





wristpin Sat, 25/06/2022

Having trouble ? Do you mean unscrewing it ? Take the other two gear wheels out to make some space. Then get a genuine Jubilee hose clip of right size to clamp around the small gear wheel . I say genuine as there are lots of inferior copies that won’t tighten up properly. With the clip in place and proper tight you can lock the gear and then turn the cutting cylinder with a bar through it and unscrew it.

moorcroftman Sat, 25/06/2022

Just pulls off, loads of wd40. But lots of wiggling and very careful levering.

Sometimes the threads have been damaged.

Persistence but care, I'm afraid.

Good luck