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Nash Boadicea - what is this for?

I have just obtained a second Nash Boadicea, this one has the wheels as well as the rollers.

My question concerns a wire underneath the engine on this recent machine that the other machine doesn't have.The first machine I have running but not particularly well. I have cleaned the points and stripped the carb. but it is still difficult to start. The other machine I have not had time to work on as yet.

The engine is a JAP 34cc 2 stroke.

Hopefully someone may have an idea what the wire does.



djg745 Wed, 11/03/2020

So am I!. They appeared on preview and when I then looked live - I will attempt to re-send.

pindernick Thu, 26/05/2022

Hi David

Lovely to meet you and other members at my first rally and I'm delighted to say that you have inspired me to go and buy a Nash Boadicea!

Just wondering what ratio fuel:oil mix you use in the little JAP engine?

Best wishes



djg745 Mon, 04/07/2022


Sorry for delay in replying, I've been too busy to get on this site for several weeks. According to the JAP User's handbook  32 to 1 when using SAE 30 oil or 24 to 1 when using 2 stroke self mixing oil.

Personally I use 25 to 1 with Stihl 2 stroke oil as I use that mixture with some of my work machines. I have a Ransomes Sprite with the same JAP engine that I use fairly regularly at home and that runs very well on the 25 to 1 mixture.