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Atco B20 deluxe rear roller.

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I was asked a question yesterday which I thought interesting and may be helpful to others.

Will an Atco B20 Deluxe rear roller fit an Atco B20 Commodore?

I didn't like to just say yes as the Commodore changed at some point to a two piece roller for the B20 but earlier models had the similar one piece roller as the Deluxe but did the bolt pattern change at any time or dimensions change from the Deluxe to the early Commodore? 

I've been selling an early 80's Deluxe roller for ages and I won't sell it unless I'm positive it's going to fit as I hate to disappoint people, as yet I don't know how old the Commodore is but hopefully it's an early one.


Herby Tue, 09/07/2024

Thinking about it, I don't think the B20 Deluxe or commodore ever had a one piece roller!

I mist be getting old 😂