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Ransomes Bottom Blades

I don't seem to be able to locate a Bottom Blade for my Ransomes Sixteen. Can anyone tell me if a Ransomes 18 inch or 20 inch bottom blade cut down would fit?

The holes in the Sixteen are set in 1 inch from each end then the intermediate studs are at 3.5 Inch centres (There are 5 studs all together)

If anyone can suggest a solution I would appreciate it.


wristpin Tue, 24/02/2015

Will have a measure up tomorrow but if you're  stuck Garfitts will be able to supply one and screws if you need them. You can order via OLC member Richard Jones and get a bit of discount.

wristpin Wed, 25/02/2015

Had a look and  3.5" is the standard spacing for the old  Marquis 18 and 20" machines and also the Twenty Four. The first hole in the 18 and 20 inch blades is nearer 3/4 of an inch to the end so if you wanted to cut a 16" from one of those it would be a little short at one end but if you used a 24" blade from the Twenty Four you could get it exact. Always assuming, of course, that the profile of the Sixteen is similar.

However  if you don't already have any of those blades to hand it's probably far less hassle to get the proper thing from Garfitts !

Layzee Fox Thu, 26/02/2015

Thanks for the info Angus. I might just be better going for a new one rather than fiddle about.