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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Events & Rallies 2024

The Old Lawnmower Club is supporting the following events during 2024.


Official events are those that we attend as a club. This usually means we have our own section at the event or are in a separate area as part of a larger display.
Event Dates Image
Old Lawnmower Club Annual Rally 2024 -
Bedfordshire Steam Fayre 2024 -
Malvern Autumn Show 2024 -


The following events feature displays of old lawn mowers and vintage machinery and are being supported by individual members of the club:

No events currently scheduled.


The following events welcome lawn mower collectors to exhibit. Members and other collectors should contact the organisers direct:

Event Dates Image
Clwyd Veteran and Vintage Machinery Society Annual Rally 2024 -