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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

JP Monarch


Here is my JP Monarch. This example was one of the last made in the final year of production of these mowers. The 76th Monarch made in May 1957. They were only produced between 1951 & 1957. These mowers are often overlooked and this one remained for sale for many months before I bought it. Subsequently they are now a rarity with very few known and recorded. 
This particular example is extremely dirty and needs a thorough sympathetic clean, otherwise the paintwork is very good. Note that the box is a different shade to the main mower. This twin colour was common in the later years of JP production. The original decals are in excellent condition. With a massive thanks to Clive for helping me with some of the information. Since adding this to the virtual rally I have three more of these mowers in varying states of condition from good to needing restoration. They were part of a job lot collection I picked up recently in Essex.