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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Shanks Wizard

Here's my much loved and indeed much sought after (by me) Shanks Wizard. This machine came to me via Clive Gravett ( thanks as always Clive for feeding our habits). Received completely seized solid in every way, chains, cutter, clutch, roller, roller axle, piston in bore, crank in crank case, every single rotating or moving part was solid!. She had sat in the remains of a broken greenhouse for many, many years! 

Unfortunately this machine drew some negative feelings towards my skills and ability a while back due to it not being painted! Now let me tell you about my 'M.O' for this machine, it was always intended to be visually preserved but mechanically sound and working which I can tell you it now runs, cuts and does all it was designed to do. As is my signature with some of my machines i like to have clean fasteners, polished brass/copper, maybe some picked out signage but leave the paint ( or lack of), that's what preservation aims to do in my opinion, have some new and clean compliment the old and faded. On this machine i have re bushed the engine ( machined myself) re-machined the crank, repaired the broken clutch drum, re-bearinged everything, made my own throttle cable, made a new throttle slide, made my own ignition coil conversion setup to allow the 'long style' Villiers coil to be used as opposed to the mega expensive early big coil. It runs, it cuts, and it looks original. Its took nearly 100 years to build its character and painting it would simply loose its identity  with every brushstroke.