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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New Automaton

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A brief timeline of the 'New Automaton' and 'Chain Automaton'

The ‘New Automaton’ 1885-1896


The major improvement over the original Automaton was a patented single screw adjustment to set the cutting cylinder against the bottom blade. In addition, the main roller incorporated a ratchet drive gear which allowed the cylinder to continue a few spins after stopping to clear the clippings from the cutting cylinder.

Another distinct change was the grass box, now with external brackets and an ornate cup handle with a strap/buckle in the casting.

Available in nine cutting widths, 8 to 24in.



The chain drive model appeared in advertisements in four sizes, 10 to 16in


Chain drive now advertised in sizes 10 to 24in


Chain drive now seen in sizes 8 to 24in to match the gear version.


The final year of production brought a major improvement enabling the cutting height to be adjusted by the operation of a handwheel rather than with a spanner.