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Dating my 16" Atco Deluxe

I have recently acquired what I believe to be an Atco Deluxe, from probably the early 1930's, and have looked at similar mowers/topics from within this forum.

I have not yet managed to find any dating protocols relating to the BX (BX 562) stamped into the casing, but from what I can see, this is possibly early 1930's ....based on 16" cut, vertical tool cylindrical case, and handle starter....any pointers here would be very welcome.

Apparently the mower does run, but I have not as yet tried this because the fuel tank valve is blocked with crud, and appears to be a fairly modern replacement of what should be fitted....additionally, the brass fuel filler weldment is failed, and is not currently brazed/soldered to the steel fuel tank. I need to investigate how to effectively repair this, either by silver solder, or by brazing ....obviously purging the tank of petrol/fumes first!


Clive1997 Mon, 19/10/2020


Yes nice example of the 1930's Atco De-Luxe, I believe this model with the vertical tool box followed the 'Tank in box' model & would be probably around 1935, I do have a dealers booklet for 1935 where they picture this model & compare it with the Atco Standard to show the progress made since 1921.

This model doesn't come to light that often. I do have a box on mine if you need a pattern?

You might also be able to date the Villiers engine? 

Hope that helps.

johnRN Mon, 19/10/2020

Thanks Clive

I need to check the dating of this machine, because I assumed (wrongly?) that the pre-dated the 'Tank in box' model I'm not sure!

I have seen the dealers ad from 1935 showing the machine with vertical toolbox (probably one of your posts), so maybe the vertical toolbox turns up in 1935.

I do have a box that came with the machine ..lots of surface rust, but good mechanical integrity ...when the rain stops, I'll try and post a photo! ....and see if there's an engine number on the magneto

Cheers John

Clive1997 Mon, 19/10/2020

Just had another quick look at some ad's, the 'Tank in box' was being advertised in 1932, but the first ones i can see for the 'Vertical Toolbox' model is 1934 continuing to 1936.

In 1937 the central kick start appears on the 14,17 & 20in.

So I think its safe to say yours is 1934-1936, although all models may have had a small overlap due to stock levels.

johnRN Mon, 19/10/2020

Thanks for that Clive ...definitely looks like 1934-1936 ..which is good!

Not sure now why I thought that 'Tank in box' pre-dated the vertical tool box

This is certainly my heaviest machine ...even with 2 people it is incredibly difficult to lift !

Even my 1948 17" heavyweight (central kick start) weighs less, and is much more handleable.