Disabled Mower

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Disabled Mower

Many mowers we have often lack any history or provenance, therefore I am always pleased to acquire one that does & indeed I think an unusual one.

Its a Webb 12in Motor Mower with "Magimatic" Control, this referring to being able to simply raise the handles to engage drive to roller & cutting cylinder. 

This mower was owned by a man with limited movement in his right hand & arm, note the right hand grip has been modified to accommodate his disability & with the Magimatic control throttle & drive could be operated with one hand.

The mowers is in good original condition & JAP engines runs a treat. I do like the cast tool box which still has the original spanners & grease gun.

Whilst the 1959 advertisement below talks of the power take off to accommodate the range of Tarpen-Strand attachments, our mower pictured does not have this and assume it may well be an earlier model from around 1957? when I believe they appear to have been introduced. 

Hope this is of interest.

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A very interesting and indeed

A very interesting and indeed unusual machine. A very worthwhile addition to your fabulous collection.