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Early Flymo

Hi All

Help needed, can anyone out there give an indication date on this Flymo,I only have the images so far and am told its 1960's, I know certain features changed late 60's to mid 70's but any help much appreciated.






hillsider Mon, 22/08/2016

I believe that the production Flymos started around 1965 and used blue hoods. Are you certain that this is in fact a Flymo and not an Allen or similar imposter. 

wristpin Tue, 23/08/2016

Definitely a Flymo but not early, early!  The really early ones had a cylindrical metal fuel tank. The yellow hood and snorkel air cleaner suggest that it is a Contractor model but the early ones of that model  would have a Kirby Lauson engine and not the Aspera/ Tecumseh as shown. 

Has it still got the metal ID tag fixed  under one of the carburettor or reed plate screws?




hortimech Tue, 23/08/2016

Mid 70s 19" Contractor fitted with an American built Tecumseh engine, these were sourced after the Australian Kirby-lauson engine became unavailable.

All the later hoods were the same except for the colour, originally blue with yellow for the contractors. They then went to orange for the domestic machines and blue for the professional machines, these later went to using orange as well.

The original contractor hoods were made from fibreglass with an alloy centre piece for the engine and came in two sizes 19" & 21", the later with supporting wheels.