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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Gardenmaster 85



Can anybody throw any light on My Gardenmaster 85 any history or technical info would be great thanks



wristpin Sun, 12/07/2020

For a start, the oval air cleaner would identify the engine as being an Aspera, a Tecumseh made under licence in Italy. Engine parts should not be a problem but it looks as though the mower attachment could be a bit fragile.  History wise, is it a recent acquisition or has it been lurking in a shed ?

mikehpw1 Sun, 12/07/2020


Thanks for getting back. Its a recent acquisition, Its been lying around in a shed for years. Something tells me its an import as ive seen old adverts that suggest that.

Ransomes-Suffolk Sun, 12/07/2020

I have a Gardenmaster which is different to the one in the photograph. Mine has a JAP engine. I also have a Landmaster which is a slightly bigger machine with a Briggs and Stratton engine and the mower attachment in your picture. There are rotavator attachments available and a hedge trimmer. I think I've seen a picture of a cylinder mower attachment too. I've found very limited information on the Internet whilst trying to find out about these machines (there is some on the VHGMC website and allotment-garden website has an instruction manual for your machine (…)). There seems to have been quite a range of machines and attachments. They were made in Nottingham. 

mikehpw1 Mon, 13/07/2020

Thanks for that, very useful, any idea when they were made, I’m guessing 60/70 s

Ransomes-Suffolk Mon, 13/07/2020

I understand that Landmasters/Gardenmasters were made from the early 1950s until late 1970s and maybe a little later. I don't have any specific information on when the various models started and ended production. The company seems to have relocated at some point too, the earlier machines say Nottinghamshire on their badge but I've seen a manual from a later model where the company address is in Poole.

If information on the machine itself isn't easily available, possibly someone can give you an idea of its age from the make/model of engine fitted.

Lee Smallwood Mon, 30/08/2021

Rather than start a new forum topic, I thought I would jump on the back of this one, I have just purchased one from a boot sale, although it has the rotavator attachments, I would Like it to be part of my mower collection, if anyone has an attachment spare (cylinder or rotary) please let me know. I've put an advert on classified section also. Got it running with new fuel and a clean up of the plug, easy fix thankfully. 

Clive1997 Mon, 30/08/2021

Hi Lee

I have a few manuals as per image & others for single wheel conversion & lawn conditioner.

The only actual machine I have is a very original Gardenmaster 34 with the Cylinder mower attachment which looks to have never been used. Unfortunately not available as will for part of a display in the new museum area devoted to 'Power in the Garden'.

Not that much info on their history, but know they were certainly available in the mid 1950's.

Lee Smallwood Mon, 30/08/2021

Thanks Clive, mines a 34 too, when yours finally gets to its new home, could you photograph it for me please. Apparently my tank isn't original, if it's not original, it's as close to a perfect fit as I could imagine, I'll try and zoom in on the photos you've added too. Museum not moved yet then? 

wristpin Tue, 31/08/2021

Apparently my tank isn't original, 

From what I can see in your original post it looks the same as the ones that I’ve seen over the years.