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Help identifying this Suffolk mower year model

Hi there,

I'm brand new to this site.I recently purchased a running Suffolk Super Punch mower. I am very keen to learn more about it's history and age.


Engine number


olcadmin Sat, 06/03/2021

By coincidence I have this morning added the latest operating manual to our online archive: Suffolk Super 17" Punch

This booklet is dated 1966 so it's probably a bit earlier (its engine is Type 75G14-13A) than the mower in this thread but the basics will be the same.

villiers98 Wed, 10/03/2021

I'd guess at late 60s as it has metal starter but plastic rollers . Not that either may be original given the age.

Howard Thu, 11/03/2021

Thank you all for your assistance. I now want to start doing a full restoration.