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Mower identity

Can anybody ID this mower. 






mikehpw1 Sun, 11/10/2020


yes it looks like a JP. The carb is missing so would anybody know which carb is likely to be original fitted. 

mikehpw1 Sun, 11/10/2020

That didn’t take long!! Thanks. Now a bigger test, which carb did it have on originally??? 

Henry Ellis Sun, 11/10/2020

This is a 16" JP Super Power mower. They were made between 1928 and 1940 and this is one of the earlier mowers without a clutch on the cutter. The early carbs were Binks and later were Amals. If you can look where the front engine cross bar goes into the side frame (on the left as seen from the front) there should be the serial number stamped, which will enable me to date it.

Clive1997 Sun, 11/10/2020

From the photo's looks like June 1930, 6th mower made that month, I think.

If still missing fuel cap I may have one, & a tank.

mikehpw1 Sun, 11/10/2020

Are you kidding. How on earth can you tell that from that photo. I found these though attached 

mikehpw1 Sun, 11/10/2020

And this

Clive1997 Sun, 11/10/2020

Its not Magic, the serial number is 22DF6, if you check out the previous links to JP information that have been highlighted in your threads you will find the answers.


We only wish all mowers had the JP dating system

mikehpw1 Sun, 11/10/2020

Now I get it, didn’t realise the serial number was on the listing. So from the date do you think it had a Binks carb. If so any ideas on where to look, first search brought up nothing 

mikehpw1 Mon, 12/10/2020

Hi Clive

im intrigued, please explain how to read the serial number to get the date. If it’s early enough to have had a Binks carb then it’s not looking good to replace. Is there anybody you know that might help. An Amal seems easier to find. Cheers

Clive1997 Mon, 12/10/2020

It's recently been put on the link below by Henry Ellis our JP expert, should be quite easy to follow.

As to the carb, often they are by some more valued than the mower, especially by the motor cycle fraternity & therefore carbs such as Binks & often Senspray are often stripped off & mowers scrapped.

Suggest you speak to Henry who commented above to see if he has dates as to when they changed from Binks to Amal.




mikehpw1 Mon, 12/10/2020

Very helpful thanks again, using the codes it appears they made very few motor mowers in 1930 mine is the 6th 16 inch  made up to June. What little research I’ve done so far it would appear Binks carbs fetch crazy money. I’ll ask Henry what alternative carb I can use, although would prefer it to be original. 


Henry Ellis Tue, 13/10/2020

From my records, Mike, your mower seems to be just on the change to an Amal carb. 22 DE 9 has an Amal and all previous ones had the Binks carb.  Have a word with Brian Radam at the Southport Museum who has mower 22 DF 13, and Miles Raven who has mower 22 DG 28 - both are Club members and should be able to tell you which carb they have fitted as I have not recorded that fact (and let me know the answers please !). If you intend to do a full restoration let me know as I have done 2 of these machines - I can give advice if required, they are not easy.

mikehpw1 Tue, 13/10/2020

 Brilliant Henry 

Ill get back about card. I will certainly ask for tips when I start resto. Won’t be for a while, I’ve gone mad during lockdown and bought 8 mowers and a greens roller. I’m just finishing an early Atco 28 and my next will be my Standard. 

Henry Ellis Tue, 13/10/2020

Mike, Your mower is the 6th made in June 1930, not up to June, so more made than you thought !.

mikehpw1 Wed, 14/10/2020

Morning Henry 

im picking up the JP and to get it in the boot I need to remove the handle tubes. Is this an easy job on site ? How are they secured? Cheers

Henry Ellis Wed, 14/10/2020

Mike, You will never get the steel handlebars out of the cast aluminium side frames easily as they are in effect "welded" together (it needs a lot of heat), plus the silencer needs to be taken off as well as the tank. Hopefully, if its an ordinary car with a back seat that folds, the mower will lie horizontally with the front end chocked up - that's how I did mine. 

mikehpw1 Sat, 17/10/2020


i emailed Brian at museum but no response, is there anybody else that knows when JP changed from Binks to Amal in the 30s cheers