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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Operating Manuals - Help Needed

Over the years we have added a lot of operating manuals to the website. I know from fellow members and the correspondence I receive that these are a very useful part of our club's activities and I think we can add more. This would be a great addition to the site and something that many people can help with.

Most of the manuals (and brochures etc) on our site have been through a basic process to make them suitable. In brief, this is as follows:

  • Scan each page (150 or 300dpi)
  • Save each page as a separate file (JPEG with "no loss" or using a "no loss" format such as PNG or TIFF)
  • Adjust each page for alignment
  • Resize so that all pages are the same
  • Clean up image to remove obvious blemishes
  • Convert pages to PDF and combine into single document
  • Upload document to website

The objective is to create the best possible "archive" version of an operating manual that can be downloaded for reference by enthusiasts and collectors. I know from the queries on the forum and by emails I receive that the manufacturers that people are most interested in are:

  • Atco
  • Suffolk
  • Qualcast
  • Ransomes
  • JP
  • Webb

It would be great if more people could contribute copies of manuals for use on the website. If you can help, follow the basic instructions above and send me a copy of the final PDF so that I can upload it to the site. I have written some additional guidelines here to help.

Please send copies to me at