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Qualcast Panther

I have an old Qualcast Panther mower that I inherited from my Dad who inherited from his father.  I have had it for about 45 years.  I am currently giving it a makeover and wondered how old it actually is.  It has a serial number RD No 766265.  Can anyone help?


Clive1997 Wed, 21/09/2016


A photo may be of help, I am not aware if we can date via the serial number?. To add a photo take a look at this link on the website

The Panther was introduced in 1932 & continued in production until the 70's, early models had straight handles, then later cross-over. Pre-war models may also have had wooden hand grips rather than the black rubber ones.

Whilst Panthers are perhaps not ranked too high with many collectors, they were a popular mower in their day & to have one with such a long family history is a real bonus.

Hope that helps & look forward to some images.


wristpin Wed, 21/09/2016

As Clive says, the history is a real bonus as wold be any family snap shots featuring past generations with the mower - time to dig out the old family photo albums .

Sparkyuk9 Wed, 21/09/2016

Thanks for the comments.  I can't post a photo at this time as I've stripped it all down for painting.  It does have the wooden handles though so that seems to make it one of the earlier models.  I'll post a picture when I've rebuilt it.


hortimech Wed, 21/09/2016

Don't really need a photo to identify it, does it have steel side frames and a cast one piece bottom block/delivery plate with the cylinder to bottom blade adjuster in the top centre of it ?

If it has alloy side frames, it isn't a Panther, it is a Superlight Panther

You can still buy the Superlight Panther, even if it now painted a different green with Webb stickers on it, but then again, it was also badged up as an Atco machine at one time.

Sparkyuk9 Thu, 22/09/2016

Yes it has parallel steel side frame with wooden handles and cast steel bottom blade holder and central adjuster.  I know that it is a Qualcast Panther.  I'm just interested to date it.

hortimech Fri, 23/09/2016

They were manufactured for a very long time, I think production stopped in about 1959, so yours could have been manufactured any time between the early 30s and late 50s

Sparkyuk9 Sun, 02/10/2016

Further to my previous query about the age of my Qualcast Panther, I have now finished restoring it.  It was stripped down to the last nut and bolt and cleaned, painted, greased and reassembled.  The roller bearings were in remarkably good condition considering the mower is probably at least 60 odd years old. 

Clive1997 Wed, 05/10/2016

Looks good a nice restoration, just a bit more history for you, although there appear to be differing dates as to when the Panther was introduced this is a quote from a 1934 catalogue 'Having got the grip of the Side Wheel Machine Market, we decided in 1930 to produce a Roller Mower, and so introduced the Qualcast Panther, an instant success and in its first season over 19000 were sold'

The same year 1930 Qualcast opened a factory in Melbourne being a duplicate of their Derby factory, apparently the whole factory was shipped out to Australia on a steam ship 'The Mahout'. with a capacity to produce 500 mowers a week & employ 150 people.

In 1935 the Panther cost £2.10s including grass box & some ad's around that time mentioned an improved grass box, that said they certainly were not rust or dent proof as many surviving mowers have lost them! 

By 1959 the company stated that it had over 7 million satisfied users with the Panther then costing £8.17s9d including a 10 yr guarantee.

Do you have a grass box? I am having a bit of a clear out & may have a spare.


Sparkyuk9 Wed, 05/10/2016

Hi Clive

No, I don't have a grass box.  It rusted away years ago.  I would be interested in buying one.  Let me have some details please.