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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes Mower age


I have been looking at a Ransomes Simms and Jefferies mower for sale. It is listed as a Minor MK V of 1937 vintage. The date seems too early? It has a thin tubular fuel tank and a two stroke with the plug in the head at an angle. Any idea if the date is correct? 



Clive1997 Wed, 27/04/2016


Any idea of cutting width & do you mean the tank is full width between handles? Image would help.




Superscavenge Thu, 28/04/2016

Yes, the fuel tank is the full width between the handles. The handles are made of flat steel. Sorry I don't have a picture, just seen it on Craigslist Vancouver.


stonethemows Thu, 28/04/2016

It sounds to me more like the one pictured below :

I think these were available in 14" and 17" versions and were made between about 1938 and 1951. I imagine that the majority of those around now are post war.


janbo Mon, 23/05/2016

Have this machine, serial nr F1933 sales book says 1953.  May be the date of 1937 is the serial nr on the plate. Mine was quoted built in 1933surprise