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Rotoscythe Edger Timmer


I've just acquired a Rotoscythe Edger Trimmer  I've searched the site found reference to Rotoscythe and Shay but didn't turn up anything specific on an edger trimmer. Anybody got one, know anything about them. Thanks



Clive1997 Thu, 03/12/2020

Hello Mike

Assume it may be Shay Rotoscythe Powered Edge Trimmer, I have one with the Tarpen-Strands hedge trimmer & chain saw attachments. 34cc JAP engine. Unable to locate any images of mine at present, but heres an ad from the late 1950's


mikehpw1 Thu, 03/12/2020


Thanks for that. Here's mine. I haven't actually seen it yet so not sure which engine it has


Triumph66 Thu, 03/12/2020

I know a collector who might know more about the Rotoscythes models as he got a fair few in his collection. I am not sure if he's a member of this club though. If you're interested, email me and I will contact him. Thanks