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Suffolk engine types and details

I have a number of Suffolk engines which do not appear to have any recognizable identification known to me. Typically they have a capital letter, frequently A followed by a space and then six numbers. Has anyone got any information, i.e a document that lists Suffolk engines with identification.

John Freeman member 824 


wristpin Thu, 30/07/2015

Think that your best bet is to post images.

The early Suffolk Iron Foundry cast iron block engines had a metal id plate clipped into the engine shroud. On later ones it was a "metalised" self adhesive version . .

The later alloy block engines had stamped in serial numbers in various places but I don't recollect any decals etc that said 98/112cc etc but the colour and general configuration should help identify them.

hillsider Fri, 31/07/2015

Am I correct in thinking that with the cast iron engines there was a difference in the number and spacing of the cylinder head studs between the 75cc and the 98cc engines.

wristpin Sat, 01/08/2015

I've got several 75cc blocks each with E8103 cast into the block just above the PTO end of the crank which according to an old operator's manual is the published part number for the 75cc block.

According to an old 98cc manual the equivalent number would be E8207 but the only one that I have is too well buried to check!

So if you have blocks with those numbers there's no need to remove cowlings to count the studs or measure the bore. However I have one 75cc block without that casting number but a machined flat with a serial number stamped into it.

Also, contary to what I said in an earlier post I found this sticker on a "modern" Qualcast.



hortimech Sat, 01/08/2015

You don't have to remove the airshroud to count the head bolts, just look at the two airshroud retaining nuts next to the sparkplug. If you can see a bolt between them, it is a 98cc engine and if you can't, it is a 75cc